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    Anti Child Marriage Campaigning in Sunari Village under the awareness program

    Anti Child Marriage Campaigning in 30 village of Swear Block of Bharatpur district by HMECS, under the awareness program started.

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    Communal Harmony Poster Painting Competition at Sunari Village

    During the Communal Harmony Week a poster painting competition was organized at Govt. Sec.School Sunari in Sewar Block of Bharatpur district.

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    Poster Painting Cometition under Communal Harmony Program

    Poster Painting Cometition under Communal Harmony Program at Bartail village in Sunari Panchayat of Sewar Block

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    HMECS is the state headquarter of CACL- Rajasthan.

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    Free Osteopathy Consultation Camp organized

    Fee Osteopathy Consultation Camp organized by HMECS at SUCCESS ACADEMY, Krishna Coloney. 61 patient from different part of Bharatpur consulted in the camp.

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    Aadhar Card Campaigning

    Camp organized for Aadhar Card Camp in 5 Panchayat of Sewar Block


Holy Mother Educational & Charitable Society (HMECS) is a registered, non-profit organization dedicated in the field of social work which supports the impoverished sections of the society for improving the quality of life. The Head office is situated at Bharatpur, Rajasthan. It successfully operates through its group of committed volunteers and staffs.

HMECS, reaches out to the disadvantaged sections of the society, mostly women, children and youth in general through its well deigned programs. The most important thing about us, is that we endeavors to make a difference in the lives of the people. Spreading awareness for the developmental issues for the people, who need it most, is what makes HMECS, so effective.

As HMECS, believes that social problems can be tackled best through the concerted efforts on the part of the people themselves, it works in partnership with communities such as the Nomadic, Backward Tribe, Dalit, the Landless, Refugees and the Minorities.

Legal Status: HMECS is registered under the societies’ registration Act, Sec 28 of 1958 in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan.

HMECS Focus on Development Issues

  • Empowerment
  • Educational
  • Social
  • Political (PRIs)
  • Economic


“To identify and work with the impoverished, weaker and vulnerable sections specially women and children to establish a society where each and every person lives with dignity”.


“To work with the deprived sections of the society especially women and children by enhancing their capacities through different avenues so that they become socially and economically empowered”